Pneumocystis jiroveci (P. carinii) Smear (DFA)

Test ID   LAB906
EPIC Order
CPT Code   87281
Group/Individual Test   Individual
Laboratory   Clinical Microbiology, 984-974-1805
Tube Station   82
Specimen Routine:

BAL or Washing, mini-BAL only (Non-HIV infected patients);

BAL or Washing, mini-BAL, Induced Sputum (HIV+patients only)

Availability Routine: Monday, Wednesday, Friday;  Samples Received in Lab by 12:00 Noon on day of testing will be resulted same day.
See Comments.
Turnaround Time   4 days

Diagnosis of Pneumocystis Pneumonia in non-HIV infected patients- 

Acceptable specimens: bronchoalveolar lavage or washing, mini-BAL;
Unacceptable specimens:   induced or expectorated sputum; tracheal aspirates

Since pneumocystis pneumonia is an alveolar disease without productive cough, the sensitivity of induced or expectorated sputum in non-HIV infected patients is <50%.  Additionally the prevalence of this organism in sputum of non-HIV infected patients in our experience has been approximately 0.33% (1 positive in over 300 patients) which is consistent with reports in the literature.  The low prevalence of Pneumocystis in non-HIV infected patients, combined with an imperfect test specificity, means it is more likely that a  positive result represents a false positive rather than a true positive.  For this reason, testing of expectorated and induced sputum in non-HIV patients is not performed in our laboratory.  

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