Published on March 10, 2022

Platelet Response, Aspirin

Special, see Specimen Section

Test ID LAB2006
CPT Code(s) 85576
Group/Individual Test Individual
Laboratory Core Laboratory
Tube Station Not Applicable - Specimens must be hand delivered to the Core Laboratory.
Any specimens sent through the tube station will be canceled.
Specimen Routine: Whole blood in Red Top Tube
AND Whole blood in Special Collection Tube (sodium citrate);
Obtain special collection tube from Core Laboratory (984)974-2361.
Stability Unspun, Room Temperature: 4 hours
Refrigerated or Frozen: Not Acceptable
Availability Routine: 24 hrs/7 Days
Turnaround Time 2 hrs
Reference Range Normal: Not applicable. See Interpretation.
Interpretation: <550 ARU = Drug Effect
≥550 ARU = No Drug Effect
  • Call Core Laboratory (984)974-2361 for collection tubes.
  • Draw and label all tubes
  • Walk specimens immediately to the core laboratory.
  • Do NOT send through the tube station.
  • Do NOT Centrifuge, Refrigerate, or Freeze specimens.

Reviewed by Christopher Parker on March 08, 2022

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