Parasite Exam - Schistosomiasis (Parasite Exam - Direct)

Test ID
EPIC Order
Parasite Exam, Direct
CPT Code 87210
Laboratory Clinical Microbiology, 984-974-1805
Tube Station 82
Specimen Routine:

Species dependent
Urine - Optimal Collection Time between 12:00 Noon and 15:00(3pm), or 24 Hour Urine without Preservatives


Availability Routine: Monday-Friday, 08:00-16:00
Turnaround Time
Reference Range

Schistosomiasis is caused by several different species of Schistosoma, each of which has a specific geographical distribution. Since different species require different specimen types, accurate travel history is essential.


Geographic Distribution

(Travel history to…)

Specimen Type

S. haematobium

Africa, Middle East/Eastern Mediterranean


(May also be found in Stool)

S. mansoni

South America, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East/Eastern Mediterranean


S. japonicum

Far East


S. mekongi

Far East

(focal geographic distribution in Mekong river valley of Cambodia and Laos)


S. intercalatum

Central and West Africa

(focal geographic distribution)


This test should be used only for patients who are compromised hosts, or who have a history of foreign travel. For other patients, see GI PATHOGEN PANEL.
Test not performed after >3 days hospitalization.

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