Important Information about Monkeypox from NC-DHHS (5/20/2022) to All North Carolina Clinicians and Laboratorians

Ophthalmology Culture/Clinic

EPIC Order Ophthalmology Culture
CPT Code(s) 87070
Laboratory Clinical Microbiology
Tube Station 82
Specimen Routine: Eswab/Aqueous Fluid/Vitreous Fluid. See Important Comments.
Gram Stain
Availability Routine: 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week

Specify D/S Lid/Conjunctiva, D/S Corneal Scraping, D/S Aqueous or Vitreous Fluid

Culture includes chocolate agar and Thio Broth for bacterial, SABS Agar for fungi, Middlebrook 7HII Agar for mycobaterium, Gram Stain Smear and Fungal Smear

Aqueous/Vitreous fluids should be delivered immediately to the labs. If off-site, STAT courier is recommended.

Reviewed by Christopher Parker on December 08, 2021

Note: Reference ranges provided on this web site are for guidance only, and may not reflect the most recent changes. Refer to laboratory reports for current reference data.

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