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  • Culture: Ophthalmology Culture/Clinic

Ophthalmology Culture/Clinic

EPIC Order   Opthalmology Culture
CPT Code(s)   87070
Laboratory   Clinical Microbiology
Tube Station   82
Specimen Routine: Plated Specimens Only;  See Important Comments.
Gram stain   If smear submitted
Availability Routine: 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week
Comments Deliver within 2 hrs of collection. 
Specify D/S Lid/Conjunctiva, D/S Corneal Scraping
Corneal scrapings:  Chocolate agar, Thioglycollate broth, Smear for Gram stain. 7H11 plates for AFB, SABS for fungi and BHI broth.
Lid Conjunctiva:  Chocolate agar, BHI broth, SABS for fungi and 7H11 agar for AFB.

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