Dementia, Autoimmune/Paraneoplastic Eval, Serum

Red Top Tube

Tube Type


ANNA 1(HU) Ab, ANNA 2 (RI) Ab, ANNA 3 Ab, Purkinje Cell 2 Ab, Purkinje Cell Tr. Ab, Amphiphysin Ab, CRMP-5 IgG, AGNA-1GAD65 Ab, NMDA Ab CBA, AMPA Ab CBA, GABA Ab CBA, LGI 1-IgG, CASPR2-IgG, DPPX Ab 1FA, GFAP 1FA,  mGluR1 Ab 1FA, IgLON5 IFA, NIF IFA

Reflexed Tests:
Purkinje Cell 1(YO) Ab, CRMP-5 IgG Western Blot, NMDA Ab IF Titer, AMPA Ab IF Titer, GABA Ab IF Titer, ACHR Binding Ab, DPPX Ab CBA, DPPX Ab 1FA Titer, GFAP CBA, GFAP 1FA Titer, mGluR1 Ab CBA, mGluR1 Ab 1FA Titer, AGNA-1 Immunoblot, ANNA-1 Immunoblot, ANNA-2 Immunoblot, PCA-1 Immunoblot, PCA-Tr Immunoblot, Amphiphysin Immunoblot, IgLON5 CBA, IgLON5 IFA Titer, NIF Heavy Chain CBA, NIF Light Chain CBA, Alpha Internexin CBA, NIF IFA Titer

Test ID   LAB6721
CPT Code(s)   86255 x18, 86341 (84182 x7, 86255 x8, 86256 x8, 83519 if appropriate)
Group/Individual Test   Group
Laboratory   Core Referral Testing
Tube Station   30
Specimen Routine: 12 mL blood/Red Top Tube / SST-acceptable;
   Micro 7 mL blood
Availability Routine: Reference Laboratory - Mayo Clinic Laboratories
Turnaround Time   13-16 days
Reference Range Normal: See separate report

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