Cryptococcal Ag, CSF

Test ID LAB6011
CPT Code(s) 86403, (86406 if positive)
Group/Individual Test Individual
Laboratory Clinical Immunology (Day Shift, M-F)
Clinical Microbiology (Weekends, Evenings, Nights)
Tube Station Routine: 30
Tube Station STAT: 82 For STAT requests see Availability
Specimen 1 mL CSF, Tube 2 or 3
Availability Routine: Monday-Friday
STAT: For STAT requests, please call:
Monday-Saturday, 8am - 4pm: 984-974-1815
After Hours: 984-974-1805
Turnaround Time 2 hours (STAT); 1-3 days(Routine)
Reference Range Normal: Negative
Comments The Immy CrAg Lateral Flow Assay is a dipstick sandwich immunochromatographic test system for the qualititative or semi-quantitative detection of the capsular polysaccharide antigens of of Cryptococcus species complex in serum and cerebral spinal fluid (CSF). The lateral flow device is placed into a tube containing sample and diluent. Specimen wicking is used to capture gold-conjugated, anti-CrAg monoclonal antibodies and gold-conjugated control antibodies deposited on the test membrane. If CrAg is present in the specimen, then it binds to the gold-conjugated, anti-CrAg antibodies. The gold-labeled antibody-antigen complex continues to wick up the membrane where it will interact with the test line, which has immobilized anti-CrAg monoclonal antibodies. The gold-labeled antibody-antigen complex forms a sandwich at the test line causing a visible line to form. Results are reported as negative or positive. Positive results are accompanied by the endpoint titer determined by serial dilution of the specimen.

Reviewed by Christopher Parker on November 30, 2021

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