AmniSure ROM Test

Specimen Type

See Specimen Comments

Test ID   LAB5134
CPT Code(s)   84112
Group/Individual Test   Individual
Laboratory   Core Laboratory
Tube Station   STAT 888 only
Specimen Routine: Vaginal Swab: see important Comments
Room temperature: 30 minutes
Refrigerator: 6 hours
Availability Routine:

This test is available to clinical areas performing obstetric triage (3WH and L&D) at UNC Medical Center ONLY

24 hours/7 days

  STAT: Yes
Turnaround Time   STAT 1 hr
Reference Range Normal: Negative = Suggests membranes are not ruptured;
Positive =  Suggestive rupture of membranes is likely.
Comments Use AmniSure collection kit and instructions obtained from the Core Laboratory only. Call (984)974-2361 (Core Chemistry) for collection kit.  The specimen MUST be collected using the provided kit and the sample sent to the Core Laboratory (STAT tube station 888) immediately after collection.
Specimen Collection Patient should be lying down.  Place Swab from collection kit in vagina for 1 minute to allow full saturation.  Transfer swab to solvent vial and rotate for one full minute to extract specimen. Remove swab from vial and discard.  Send labeled vial to laboratory immediately after collection (STAT tube station 888).
Limitations: Test performance in patients without signs or symptoms of ROM is unknown.  The presence of significant amount of blood on the swab can interfere with the test.  Do not use earlier than 6 hours after the removal of any disinfectant solutions or medicines from the vagina.

The performance of the AmniSure ROM Test has not been established in the presence of the following contaminants: Anti-fungal cream or suppositories, lubricants, baby powder (Starch and Talc), feminine moisturizer, or baby oil.

Reviewed by Christopher Parker on January 13, 2022

Note: Reference ranges provided on this web site are for guidance only, and may not reflect the most recent changes. Refer to laboratory reports for current reference data.

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