Recreational Therapy Programs

Since 1956, students have benefited from clinical internships in the Recreational Therapy Program.

Graduate and undergraduate internships are offered in cooperation with North Carolina affiliated colleges and universities only.

To be considered for an internship, applicants must meet the coursework requirements for certification and licensure before the anticipated internship start date.

Please ask your Internship Coordinator to contact Kristel Maes if you are interested in a Recreational Therapy Internship.

Clinical supervision for students in the RT program is provided by an LRT/CTRS who meet the requirements for certification by NCTRC and for licensure by NCBRTL.

Instructions for Recreational Therapy Internship applications:

  1. Prior to eligibility for a student internship, we require the students to come onsite for a three-hour shadow session.
  2. Please click on Shadowing opportunities and select Shadowing for Rehabilitation Therapies. You are required to complete HIPAA training and submit immunizations. Please select a date from the calendar and submit date request via email to volunteer services.
  3. Internship coordinators will send the following to the Clinical Educator :
    • Student name
    • Student email
    • Desired area of internship
    • One page letter of intent for each student interested in an internship at our facility.

Deadline Submission

Confirmation of Internships


September 15th

October 1st


February 1st

February 15th


June 1st

June 15th

Information on Student Affiliations

Rehabilitation Therapies
Kristel Maes,DPT
Center Coordinator of Clinical Education