Occupational Therapy Burn Residency Program

The UNC Health Care Occupational Therapy Burn Residency Program is a collaborative endeavor between the UNC Medical Center and the N.C. Jaycee Burn Center. It is structured to include 12 months of intensive training in acute and non-acute burn management. A major strength of our residency program lies in the diverse expertise and interests of our faculty combined with the high clinical volume that occurs within an internationally recognized burn center.

The purpose of the UNC Medical Center Occupational Therapy Burn Residency is to advance the knowledge and skills of an occupational therapist that will provide specialized medical care and rehabilitative services to patients who sustain burn injuries. Residents will participate in didactic education, focused and mentored clinics, research and direct patient care. The resident will develop excellence in treatment of burn survivors and enhance their abilities to support and educate caregivers. Upon completion of the residency program the resident will meet the advanced competencies required of a Burn Rehabilitation Therapist, recognized by the American Burn Association. The resident will develop components required for candidacy in AOTA Board Certification in Physical Rehabilitation.

Clinical Education Opportunities

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