PGY2 Hematology Oncology


Caring and Advancing Resident Education


Welcome! You have made a great decision to pursue a second year specialty residency in oncology. We believe that oncology pharmacy is an exciting and rewarding area of pharmacy practice. Even more, we are honored that you are considering The University of North Carolina (UNC) Medical Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina to be the next step in your journey. As you explore what we have to offer, we believe you will find that UNC offers a strong, comprehensive specialty residency program in oncology pharmacy to prepare you for a flourishing career.


Our people make our program stand out. Seventeen talented clinical pharmacy specialists make up our core team of oncology preceptors who work with you throughout your residency year. Our preceptors have a wide variety of practice experience and a diverse set of skills with many being nationally recognized. Our program has preceptors who are leaders; presenting on oncology pharmacy locally, nationally and world-wide. This diversity among our clinical group offers the advantage of having several different mentorship perspectives. True to our preceptors is a genuine care and commitment to you and your professional growth and development. Mentorship and development is a priority here at UNC. In fact, mentorship is a formalized aspect of our residency program department-wide. Additionally, a residency program of our size offers the opportunity to nurture many friendships amongst peers with whom you will share your residency experience. Upon completing our program, you enter the next phase of your career with a wide network of others that will be both colleagues and friends.


The North Carolina Comprehensive Cancer Center, part of the UNC Medical Center, houses an interdisciplinary cancer care program in a 315,000 square foot building that was dedicated in 2009. The North Carolina Comprehensive Cancer Center is focused entirely on providing clinical care to patients with cancer. Healthcare providers at the North Carolina Comprehensive Cancer Center treat patients from every county in North Carolina with more than 135,000 visits each year. It is a 50-bed facility (and growing) with many different oncology clinics that offer you the opportunity to learn in a variety of practice settings. Within the oncology service line, the Department of Pharmacy provides critical services to our patients in collaboration with interdisciplinary colleagues. We enjoy a solid relationship with our collaborators who value our contributions to care. Our oncology pharmacy practitioners provide a wide breadth of services in a diversity of practice settings that include both acute and ambulatory care. At the UNC Medical Center, we nourish an advanced and innovative practice model in oncology pharmacy. Our oncology pharmacy team has won three American Society of Health-system Pharmacists Best Practice Awards. We continue to trail blaze, pushing the envelope with innovative pharmacy services supported by external funding resources. We believe the diversity in opportunities that you will encounter here are UNC will well-equip you with a confident mind and a strong skill set that readies you for success both now and in the future!


The UNC Department of Pharmacy and UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy work together in a Partnership in Patient Care. This is a systematic and integrated strategy to develop an interdependent relationship between the two entities to optimize resources and opportunities for you as a resident. The agreement has been endorsed by both the Chancellor of the University and the Chief Executive Officer of UNC Medical Center. This partnership affords you many opportunities within our program to grow skills in providing education to students, residents, interdisciplinary colleagues, patients and more in both experiential and didactic settings. We teach teachers.

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Questions? For additional information, please contact:

Jill Bates

Jill S. Bates, Pharm.D., M.S., BCOP

2016-2017 PGY2 Oncology Residency Program Director

Office (984) 974-8241


Caring and Advancing Resident Education


What recruiting activities is the program participating in?

We offer comprehensive oncology pharmacy PGY2 program information that is available on our website and printable brochure (available for download on our website). We will be participating in the Tuesday morning residency showcase at the ASHP Midyear clinical meeting. Like us on Facebook! Please contact Jill Bates ( if you are interested in arranging a teleconference appointment during the month of December to discuss further details of our PGY2-oncology pharmacy residency program. Additionally, all four of our current resident’s contact information is available on the website should candidates have any further questions about our program.

How many resident positions are available?

We recruit for 4 resident positions in oncology pharmacy annually. Overall, the University of North Carolina Hospital recruits a total of 33-35 pharmacy residents each year.

What should I expect at the time of the on-site interview?

In the past, if the candidate’s travel plans allow, the night prior to each interview we have invited candidates to dinner with a current resident and current preceptor. This allows us to get to know each other on a more personal level and in a comfortable setting.

On the day of the on-site interview, candidates for our PGY2 oncology program will start their day with a brief orientation joining candidates for our other residency programs. This allows candidates to learn about both organizational structure of our pharmacy department as well as cultural practices. Candidates will be offered a tour of the entire medical center, which includes our five hospitals and the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy. Additionally, candidates will have the opportunity to meet with current PGY2 oncology pharmacy residents to learn about their experiences here at UNC Medical Center.

The interview portion of the day will be broken down into several behavioral-based min-interviews. These will be conducted by members of our hematology/oncology pharmacy team and allow each candidate the opportunity to meet preceptors of our program. In addition, we ask each candidate to prepare a 10 minute clinical pearl presentation covering content of the candidate’s choosing.

Is the program accredited by the American Society of Health-system Pharmacists?

Our program was founded in 1996 and is accredited by the ASHP for a full 6 years.

How and when are residents selected for the program?

Our application deadline is January 1, 2016. Please note that we do participate in the PhORCAS application service. Three letters of recommendation, official pharmacy school transcripts, and the UNC supplemental application must be uploaded and submitted by this deadline. Selected candidates are asked to participate in an onsite interview. Candidates will be notified via the National Matching Service if they matched at UNC on March 18, 2016.

What financial support is offered for resident travel?

Residents are offered modest financial support for travel annually (e.g. $1000 for the 2015-2016 class).

What stipend and benefits are offered for residents and what other resources are provided?

Residents are provided with a $45,000 stipend for the year. Residents also have the opportunity to purchase health insurance, dental insurance and life insurance through UNC. Additionally a laptop computer, pager, white coats and scrubs are provided.

What entertainment and cultural opportunities are available in the Chapel Hill area?

Comprising one third of the Research Triangle, charming Chapel Hill, NC has a lot to offer potential residents. The University of North Carolina is the centerpiece of this historic area. In addition to offering top notch education to students from around the globe, its sports programs provide first class entertainment. The Dean Smith Center hosts basketball games each year with local rivals Duke and NC State. The local populace is polarized by these contests and the atmosphere is electric. By contrast, the Ackland Museum of Art or the NC Botanical Garden can provide a relaxing afternoon if your team didn’t fare well the night before. Employment opportunities abound in both the medical and information technology fields. While living near the college does come at a premium, there are many wonderful areas nearby where top notch housing is still highly affordable. I think you’ll find that Chapel Hill is both rich in history and primed for a bright future.

Additional attractions include:

  • Shows at the Ritz
  • South point Mall
  • Carolina Hurricanes hockey games
  • Durham Bulls baseball games
  • Two hours to the mountains, two hours to the beach
  • Outlet mall (25 minutes away)
  • Fridays on the Front Porch at the Carolina Inn


Instructions for the 2016-2017 application process:

Step 1

All applicants to ASHP-accredited pharmacy practice residencies must participate in the match process sponsored by the National Matching Service. Applicants must submit match agreements to the National Matching Service to obtain a match number.

Applications and Deadlines

Step 2

The UNC Hospitals will be participating in PhORCAS, the new ASHP residency online application tool. More information can be found at PhORCAS.

Step 3

A complete application will have the following information found through PhORCAS:

  • General information about the applicant
  • Cover letter
  • Response to essay questions
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Pharmacy School Transcript
  • Three (3) references. Reference writers should complete the standardized Phorcas reference form only.
  • Current photograph (optional)

Application Deadline is January 1st.

Applicants must submit all required materials as well as uploading a document with answers to UNC-specific essay questions (see supplemental information above).

For more information, contact:

Jill Bates
Jill S. Bates, PharmD, MS, BCOP
Residency Program Director, PGY2 Oncology
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Malignant Hematology

Current residents

Michael ChargualafMichael Chargualaf Alexis KjellsenAlexis Kjellsen
Jordan MillerJordan Miller Morgan TrepteMorgan Trepte