Salaries & Benefits for Residents

This page provides resident benefits information for potential applicants to UNC Hospitals' residency training programs. If you are already a resident at UNC, visit our SharePoint site (which contains more detailed information about enrollment and forms to modify your benefits package).

This information is accurate for the 2016-2017 academic year.



Financial Planner

These salaries are effective with the 2017-2018 academic year*
Post Graduate Level Annual Salary
I $51,814
II $53,662
III $55,367
IV $57,702
V $59,862
VI $62,605
VII $64,109
VIII $66,148
IX $70,289

Post Graduate Year Determination
Stipend levels for trainees entering programs beyond their first core residency training program will be determined on the basis of the number of accredited years required by the ACGME for eligibility in that program regardless of any other advanced or GME training the trainee may have completed.

Salary Funding

While officially classified as temporary, full-time employees, residents and subspeciality residents are exempt from the State Personnel Act and are not subject to classification by the Office of State Personnel. Funding for resident and subspeciality resident salaries is provided from several sources. Some residents and subspeciality residents are funded by UNC Hospitals, while others are paid from clinical funds, grants and other outside sources, such as military branches and Veterans Administration Hospitals.

Social Security
According to federal law, you are covered by the Social Security Act, and will be required to contribute to this program through payroll deduction.

Income Taxes
As employees, North Carolina and federal income taxes will be withheld from your payroll check. You will receive a W-2 form from the Payroll Department annually in January.

The Hospitals and University are set up to directly deposit paychecks into checking or savings accounts with almost any bank or credit union in North Carolina. UNC Hospitals requires all employees to participate in direct payroll deposit. Residents and subspeciality residents on UNC Hospitals' payroll should turn in a UNC Hospitals request form to the Office of Graduate Medical Education. Direct deposit takes one pay period to implement. Residents and subspecialty residents on UNC Hospitals' payroll are paid on a biweekly basis.

Veterans Administration Benefits
UNC Hospitals is approved to enroll veterans, participants, military, and other eligible persons in the ACGME approved residency training programs under provisions of Titles 38 and 10 United States Code.

Professional Liability Coverage

As members of UNC Hospitals' housestaff, you are covered for professional liability while performing approved residency activities, including off-site rotations. Moonlighting is excluded from coverage. Professional liability coverage is provided to residents as a benefit of employment. Coverage is provided on an occurrence basis. This means that a resident is covered for anything that occurs within the course and scope of his or her employment as a resident, even if a claim or a lawsuit is brought for that occurrence after the resident has left the Hospitals' employment. Coverage is triggered by an occurrence rather than a claim. Professional liability coverage is provided by the UNC Liability Insurance Trust Fund which is administered by the Legal Department of UNC Hospitals.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Housestaff may choose between two coverage options, a Core Plan and a Buy-up Plan, administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina. Each plan is designed to offer richer benefits if UNC providers and facilities are utilized. Your family members can also be covered with the premium being shared by you and your employer. Health insurance benefits, along with the employer contributions and the employee contributions, are reviewed annually and are subject to change.
If you experience a qualifying event, you may adjust your coverage online at
Monthly premium rates apply to residents on the department payroll, whereas bi-monthly premium rates apply to residents on the hospital payroll. The employee contributions for the current year - July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017 - for the two plans are:
Employee Only​Employee + Spouse​Employee + Children​Employee + Family
Core Option - Bimonthly $9.37 $106.42 $94.14 $237.38
Core Option - Monthly ​$18.74 ​$212.84 ​$188.28 ​$474.76
Buy-up Option - Bimonthly​ $23.39 ​$146.18 ​$121.62 ​$279.47
Buy-up Option - Monthly $46.75 ​$292.36 ​$243.24 ​$558.94
For residents whose programs require them to report for activities (such as orientation) prior to the official start of benefits enrollment, please click here for information about an individual/personal plan that is available for purchase to cover you for those days.

Dental Insurance

UNC Hospitals' Office of Graduate Medical Education offers all residents and their dependents the opportunity to participate in a voluntary group dental plan. Two (2) plan options are offered through MetLife. This benefit is entirely funded by the resident. Premium costs are paid either via payroll deduction on a pre-tax basis for housestaff on the Hospitals' payroll or by personal check for those not on the Hospitals' payroll.

Enrollment information is included online at

The monthly rates for the plan year - July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017 - for the two plans are:

​Employee Only​Employee + Spouse​Employee + Children​Employee + Family

Low Option - Bimonthly

​$12.05 ​$24.38 ​$28.20 ​$34.01
Low Option - Monthly ​$24.10 ​$48.76 ​$56.40 ​$68.02
High Option - Bimonthly ​$21.51 ​$43.52 ​$50.33 ​$60.61
High Option - Monthly ​$43.02 ​$87.04 ​$100.66 ​$121.22

Visit for links to Preferred Dental Program (PDP) providers, claim status and coverage information. Enter company name: "Office of Graduate Medical Education" or "OGME" or "P & A."

Life & AD&D Insurance

This section includes details on all Life and AD&D insurance packages available to residents, as well as instructions about Open Enrollment. Enrollment information is included online at Summaries of the plans are available below.
Basic Life and AD&D Insurance – UNC Hospitals PAY for this benefit
  • Benefits equal to 1 times salary
Optional Employee Life & AD&D Insurance
  • Choice of an additional 1, 2, 3 or 4x Salary
  • Maximum Benefit including Basic Life and AD&D: $625,000
  • Guaranteed Issue Amount (no Statement of Health form required during initial enrollment period): Additional 1x salary up to a total of $250,000 (Basic and Optional total)
  • Enrollment information included in the Physician Benefit Packets mailed each spring. Additional amounts of coverage may be added during the Annual Open Enrollment Period each spring. Statement of Health is required.
Optional Dependent Life Insurance
  • Spouse/Domestic Partner Benefits (requires a completed Domestic Partner Affidavit): $25,000
  • Child(ren): $10,000 (each eligible child from 14 days up to age 26)
  • Dependent Life Insurance is available without a Statement of Health form during initial enrollment period only (new hire)
Monthly Cost: Employee/Spouse Rates
Employee Age​Life Insurance Rate/$1000​​AD&D Rate/$1000
Under 25​ ​.035 ​.03
​25-29 ​.041 ​.03
​30-35 ​.054 ​.03
​35-39 ​.071 ​.03
​40-44 ​.079 ​.03
​45-59 ​.119 ​.03
​50-54 ​.182 ​.03
​55-59 ​.341 ​.03
​60-64 ​.523 ​.03
65-69​ ​1.006 ​.03
​70-74 ​1.632 ​.03
Child(ren): $0.75/month
Additional Benefits Included in Coverage
  • Will preparation through Hyatt Legal - covers legal fees when using a participating attorney
  • Accelerated Benefit
  • Portable upon termination or retirement

Flexible Spending Accounts

Residents who are paid by UNC Hospitals have the option of enrolling in Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) for health care and/or dependent care expenses. If you are not paid by the hospital, you will not be eligible to participate in the FSA plan.

The money deposited into a Flexible Benefits Plan account is tax-free, and, therefore, it can only be used to pay for qualifying expenses. At the end of the plan year, if you have not claimed all of the money in your account, you forfeit the balance. You may contribute up to $2,550 for the Health Care FSA and $5,000 for the Dependent Care FSA.

Disability Insurance

This disability insurance plan is intended to offer coverage that will provide you with continuing income in the event that an injury or illness prevents you from working.
  • This plan covers 70% of your basic monthly earnings if you suffer from a disabling accident or illness on or off the job.
  • The maximum monthly benefit is $3,500; the minimum monthly benefit covered under this plan is $100.
  • Your covered salary is based on your stated annual salary.
  • Benefit payments will begin after you have been unable to work for 90 days (elimination period) due to disability.
  • Until age 65, you will receive benefit payments while you are unable to work in your own occupation.
  • You will receive benefit payments until Social Security Normal Retirement Age while you remain disabled.
  • This plan includes partial disability benefits. You must be totally disabled through the elimination period and receive one monthly payment for total disability. After the work incentive period, benefits payments are then reduced by 50% of your current monthly earnings.
  • This plan includes a work incentive feature. We will not reduce our benefit by your part-time earnings for the first 12 months of partial employment, unless the sum of such earnings and our gross monthly benefit exceeds 100% of your prior earnings. If the total exceeds 100%, we deduct only the excess from our benefit.
  • There is a $175,000 Lifetime benefit for Loan Payoff.
  • Critical Disability Supplement - An additional 30% of monthly earnings up to $3,000 maximum.
  • The cost of this insurance is paid entirely by your employer.

Conversion Option: You may convert your group disability coverage to individual coverage if your full-time employment ends.

For more information or if you have any questions about this policy please contact The Benefit Planning Group at 919-489-1720 or email

This summary serves as a highlight of your coverage. If there is a discrepancy between this summary and your benefit booklet, the benefit booklet prevails.

Supplemental Disability Coverage

In addition to the coverage provided above, voluntary options are also available. For more information, you may contact either of the following providers:
• The Benefit Planning Group at 919-489-1720 or
Chris Mitta at Disability For Residents or at 919-872-8666.

Hyatt Legal/MetLaw Plan

UNC Hospitals Office of Graduate Medical Education (OGME) offers residents and subspecialty residents the opportunity to enroll in a Voluntary Legal Plan offered by Hyatt Legal, a MetLife company.

This is a full service legal plan, not a discount program. Covered services include important matters such as wills & trusts, sale or purchase of a home and other real estate matters, financial matters, traffic offenses, juvenile matters, identity theft defense, debt collection defense, and much more.

MetLaw offers:

  • All legal services delivered by plan attorneys
  • Direct payment of plan attorney fees by MetLaw for all covered matters
  • No waiting periods, hour limits, page limits, claim forms, or co-pays for plan attorneys' covered services
  • No pre-existing limitations unless an attorney has already been retained
  • Out-of-network attorneys coverage. MetLaw provides a fee reimbursement schedule
  • Great customer service - Representatives answer the phone within 5 seconds during business hours
  • A full service web site with an easy "Attorney Locator Search Engine" and many helpful resources
  • An open enrollment period held once a year to coincide with annual benefit open enrollment period in late spring
  • The plan is portable at group rates

Monthly rate - $15.75 per month. Premiums are paid by the participant via payroll deduction. Rates are guaranteed through June 30, 2015. Cost covers Employee, Spouse/Domestic Partner and Dependents.

Hyatt Legal/MetLaw Information: click on "Thinking About Enrolling?" and enter password: MetLaw

Deferred Compensation Plan

Residents on the UNC Hospitals payroll may invest in a deferred compensation savings plan and save money from their current paychecks to use later at retirement. These plans are voluntary and residents may enroll at any time. UNC Health Care does not provide matching funds to these accounts.

The plans offered include a 457(b) program and a 457(b) Roth program. The carriers include Prudential, Fidelity, and TIAA-CREF.

Home and Auto Insurance

METPAY is a personal property insurance program offered through MetLife Auto and Home and is designed for the residents at UNC Hospital. The METPAY program is employee paid and gives you access to special group rates for auto, home, renters and other types of insurance. With the low group rates and other discounts available, you could save 10% or more of your overall costs each year. This program offers the optional convenience of payment through payroll deduction for those who are funded through the Hospitals' payroll.

Policies available through the Office of Graduate Medical Education METPAY program include:

  • Auto
  • Homeowners
  • Renters
  • Condominium
  • Mobile Home
  • Fire
  • Recreational Vehicle
  • Boat
  • Personal Excess Liability ("umbrella")

MetLife sends out additional mailings during the year describing this benefit. You may contact the MetLife Insurance Consultant at any time to obtain quotes, apply for coverage, make changes to your coverage and report claims.

The Insurance Consultant at MetLife can be contacted by dialing 1-800-GET-MET8 or 1-800-438-6388

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