UNCH Heartsaver CPR/AED Schedule

Our classes are scheduled primarily for UNCH employees. If you are a UNCH employee wanting to take Heartsaver/AED, please enroll via the UNCH Learning Management System. Heartsaver/AED is for persons who do not have a healthcare licensed/credentialed. If you are a licensed/credentialed healthcare provider, check our listing of BLS-Healthcare Provider classes. If you are not a UNCH employee and you need Heartsaver/AED, please contact us at the link below for information on availability of seats and enrollment.

Heartsaver/AED Email Inquiry: Use this link to send a request to attend a class. (UNCH employees use LMS. Do not use this link for enrollment)

Follow this link for class fees.


Start Date/Time

End Date/Time

 Heartsaver CPR/AED
 10/10/2017 8:00:00 AM EDT
10/10/2017   11:00:00 AM EDT