Pastoral Care

About Us

We are well-integrated into the clinical context of one of the top-ranked level one trauma and tertiary care medical centers in the nation.

Since 1961, we have served the patients, families, and staff at UNC Medical Center through pastoral leadership, compassionate presence, empathetic listening, and support in crisis and grief. Respecting all spiritual beliefs, we strive to connect with individuals who are experiencing a significant time in their life.

Chaplaincy Services

The Department of Pastoral Care at UNC Medical Center is committed to caring for the spiritual needs of patients, families, and staff. We provide spiritual support to people of all faith traditions and are readily available to explore spiritual questions and concerns that may arise during hospitalization.

Spirituality is a vital part of human wholeness and plays an important role in the healing process. Understanding this, our mission is to assist patients, families and staff as they face the emotional and spiritual impact of illness and crisis. Chaplains help people deal with issues of fear, loneliness, ethical values, questions of meaning, hopelessness and hope.

Bereavement Support Services

If you are exploring this information, most likely you are on a grief journey of some kind. The loss of someone you care for may be the deepest emotional pain you will ever know. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this time of sorrow.

Understanding the emotions and changes that accompany grief can be an important step in healing. Our hope is that the following information will provide comfort to you as you cope with your loss.

Clinical Pastoral Education

Clinical Pastoral Education is professional education for ministry. Utilizing clinical methods of learning, students engage in pastoral ministry with suffering persons, and then undertake a disciplined process of reflection on that ministry with an ACPE-certified supervisor and a peer group. CPE provides students with the opportunity to integrate their personal history and their theological heritage into an authentic pastoral identity.

Community Clergy

We want to thank you for your ministry in the lives of the individuals and families you serve in your parish. Extending your care to them while they are hospitalized is very important. UNC Medical Center values pastoral and spiritual care as significant elements of the healing process and appreciate you joining us in our work.

Chapel Locations

With the hopes to offer sacred spaces that are convenient for patients, families, and staff throughout the hospital, we have various chapels locations.

  • The John M. Reeves All-Faiths Chapel - the main chapel, is located on the first floor of N.C. Memorial Hospital, just past the Department of Pastoral Care office.
  • Broyhill Children’s Chapel - is located on the ground floor of N.C. Memorial Hospital, just past the main information desk center and the Cranberry Corner gift shop, as you are walking toward the N.C. Children’s Hospital.
  • Burn Chapel - located just outside of the N.C. Jaycee Burn Center, which is on the fourth floor of N.C. Memorial Hospital.
  • Chapel and Meditation Room - both are located on the ground floor of the Cancer Center, just past the Resource Information Center.

Contact Us

For questions about our programs, contact the Department of Pastoral Care at 984-974-4021.

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