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Pastoral Care

We are well-integrated into the clinical context of one of the top-ranked level one trauma and tertiary care medical centers in the nation. Since 1961, we have served the patients, families, and staff at UNC Medical Center through pastoral leadership, compassionate presence, empathetic listening, and support in crisis and grief. Respecting all spiritual beliefs, we strive to connect with individuals who are experiencing a significant time in their life.

Bereavement Support Services

If you are exploring this information, most likely you are on a grief journey of some kind. The loss of someone you care for may be the deepest emotional pain you will ever know. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this time of sorrow.

Understanding the emotions and changes that accompany grief can be an important step in healing. Our hope is that the following information will provide comfort to you as you cope with your loss. If you need additional support or information on resources, contact Heidi Gessner, Bereavement Coordinator, at 984-974-0213 or