“The administrative fellowship at UNC Hospitals was a career changing opportunity for me. Because of its long history and institutional support, I was encouraged by all levels of management and senior leadership to participate in and lead projects that interested me. The experience and relationships I have gained through the fellowship have helped me build a solid foundation as a growing leader. I am humbled and proud to be an alumnus of the program.”

Yessi Won, MHA, 2014-2015
Director of Clinical Programs, UNC Family Medicine
Undergraduate: University of California, Irvine
Graduate: George Washington University

“The UNC Fellowship was an incredible experience. It was great to be part of the Leadership Team and see how decisions were made for the organization. I learned a lot from the projects that I participated in and completed. Todd Peterson provides outstanding mentorship for the program. Overall, I feel fortunate that I was able to come to UNC Hospitals!”

Nathan B. Peterson, MBA, 2006-2007
Undergraduate: Utah State University
Graduate: University of Colorado at Denver

“My experience as a UNC Hospitals Administrative Fellow was incredible! Todd Peterson allowed me to pursue projects independently, but also provided me with the unwavering guidance and support of a mentor. I gained tremendous knowledge and perspective from our discussions about the history of UNC Hospitals that would have otherwise been impossible to achieve. I was also given the freedom to explore all aspects of the Health Care System with the full support of the entire Administrative Team. The Fellowship gave me the skills and professional network to flourish as future leader in health care.”

Lauren Romano Onken, MHA, 2007-2008
Undergraduate: Virginia Tech University
Graduate: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“My fellowship experience was nothing short of amazing. It was great to be involved in many projects and have the support of such a great Leadership Team. The level of responsibility, as well as the interactions with all different levels of management has proven to be an invaluable learning experience for me.

The fellowship program at UNC Hospitals has an incredible reputation and history, and I am honored to be able to call myself an alumnus of the program.”

Philia Rentea, MHA, 2008-2009
Undergraduate: Southern Illinois University
Graduate: Cornell University

“My fellowship experience is something that I will value for the rest of my career. The opportunity to learn from excellent leaders in an environment that fosters education and professional growth is second to none. As I start my journey in health care administration, I am confident that the lessons, mentorship and experiences I gained in my fellowship at UNC Hospitals will be the foundation upon which I build my success.”

Michelle Sonia Wilkinson, MSPH, 2009-2010
Undergraduate: Harvard University
Graduate: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill