Frequently Asked Questions

How is the fellowship structured? Is it rotational or project-based?

The fellowship is project-based. Throughout the year, the fellow has the opportunity to work with various hospitals and departments, which allows exposure to different areas of the five hospitals. Additionally, a rotation through a particular area could be arranged.

Must the selected fellow come from a CAHME-accredited graduate program?

It is not required that a candidate graduate from a CAHME-accredited program. The program is targeted to and designed to best serve individuals working towards or have completed a master’s degree in health administration, business administration, public health and/or related master’s level management programs. We have accepted persons in the past who have medical degrees, but these individuals had completed a master’s degree in administration or management and were making a career change from clinical to administration.

Are the dates of the fellowship flexible?

The fellowship is a one-year appointment beginning on or around July 1 and continuing through the following June. Candidates must be available for the entire one-year appointment, have completed their course work prior to starting the fellowship and be available to begin in early July.

Can the current fellow review an applicant’s resume?

The current fellow is available to answer questions about his/her experiences in the fellowship, but he/she cannot review application materials prior to submission. This ensures fairness in the application process by making sure all applicants have access to the same information.

Can applicants submit materials electronically? Will application materials be returned?

All application materials must be submitted as printed originals as a complete package in a single envelope*. Please do not send application materials in presentation folders or other bound folders. Faxes, photocopies and emails are not accepted. Materials will not be returned to the applicant. *Letters of recommendation and transcripts may be sent outside of the applicant’s packaged materials. Letters of recommendation may be sent separately by the applicant’s recommender. Transcripts may be sent directly from the registrar.

Who should write the recommendations?

We require three letters of recommendation, at least one professional and one academic. These letters should address the applicant’s administrative and/or management experience as well as academic qualifications. All letters of recommendation must be on original letterhead, signed by the person providing the recommendation, and submitted in a sealed envelope signed across the seal by the person providing the recommendation. The letters can be addressed to the Fellowship Selection Committee. Letters of recommendation may be submitted directly by recommenders, separate from the applicant’s other package materials.

Are international applicants eligible for consideration?

We will consider complete applications from all qualified applicants. It will be the responsibility of the selected fellow to complete all required documentation for an international visa; however, we will be able to provide information as needed during the process. At this time, we do not financially sponsor international applicants.

Are other employees aware of the administrative fellow? Are they willing to work with and teach the fellow?

The Administrative Fellowship has been a fixture at UNC Hospitals for over two decades. As a result, the management team and employees throughout the hospital are aware of the fellow’s presence. This is a great asset to the selected fellow, as others throughout the organization have worked with fellows previously.

Is the fellowship a paid position?

The fellow is paid a salary and is considered a full-time employee of the hospital during his/her one-year appointment. As such, the fellow is eligible for employee benefits including health insurance coverage, retirement savings and paid time off.

My MHA program requires a one-year residency that will fulfill my graduation requirements. Can the fellowship be used to complete my master’s degree?

Yes, students who have completed the didactic portion of their master’s program are eligible to apply.

What is the timeline for the application process? Do all applicants have the opportunity to interview?

What is the timeline for the application process? Do all applicants have the opportunity to interview? How are the interviews structured?
All completed applications received by the deadline found under Application Checklist. A selected group of candidates will be invited to participate in telephone interviews. Regardless of a candidate’s place of residence, this first round is exclusively conducted via telephone. Local candidates will not be invited on-site during this phase in the process. Candidates invited for the final round of interviews will travel to UNC or UNC REX Hospital. Each candidate will spend a full day meeting with the Executive Team.

The fellowship is designed to be flexible to meet the needs and interests of both the selected fellow and the organization. It is our hope that the fellowship is educational for the fellow while also giving him or her opportunity to impact the organization with project deliverables.

UNC Hospitals and UNC REX Healthcare espouse a culture of learning. Faculty, staff, and management are open and willing to work with and teach the fellow. Selected candidates become integrated into the management team and work on projects at various levels in their respective hospital. 

Upcoming Events

  • Mar
    12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    A lunch to help those with family members in the Newborn Critical Care Center.
  • Mar
    2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
    A time for families and patients to relax and play together in the Play Atrium on the 7th floor of N.C. Children's Hospital.
  • Mar
    5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
    A pizza dinner for all pediatric patients and their families, held in the Ronald McDonald House Family Room on the 7th Floor of N.C. Children's Hospital.
  • Apr
    12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    Patient and parent information session for those in the Newborn Critical Care Center