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Mom and Baby

“The doulas helped me through intense contractions, helping me with breathing, holding my hand, giving me sips of water and preparing and cleaning the tub for me. They were amazing and I know for sure God-sent. I couldn’t have done it without them.”


Meet Our Doulas

DoulaBirth Partners exists because of the generous doulas who collaborate to offer their services 24 hours a day every day of the year.

We are a diverse community of approximately 50 volunteers with a variety of backgrounds and interests. Our group is made up of a dynamic mix of individuals from local university campuses and long-standing community members from the greater Triangle region. We are all passionate about helping others in meaningful ways!

When you arrive at the hospital, your nurse will contact the doula on-call. Please read through the bios below so that you can begin to get to know the doulas and have an idea of the amazing individuals who are prepared to support you during this important life event!

If you are interested in volunteering for our Doula program or are interested in becoming a doula, learn more on our Volunteer page.

I can send bios when you want. (Katie - what do we want to do about managing bios - right now there are 50)

Consider adding—bios for program coordinator, program assistant, mentoring coordinator etc

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N. C. Women's Hospital
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