Women’s Heart Program

Though traditionally thought of as a man's disease, cardiovascular disease is now the leading cause of death in women in the U.S., implicated in more deaths than the next ten causes combined. Because women often present different symptoms of heart disease than men, misdiagnosis is all too common, so it's especially important that women be aware of changes in the way they feel and stay proactive in their own care.

The Women's Heart Program at the UNC Heart Center seeks to educate, identify, and, if necessary, treat women of all ages at risk for heart disease. UNC is on the cutting edge of cardiovascular care for women with a multi-disciplinary, localized approach that makes care readily accessible to women affected by heart disease, and to those who want to be more proactive about their heart health.

The UNC Heart Center at Meadowmont provides a convenient, pleasant atmosphere where education, diagnosis, and management can be efficiently addressed. The clinic offers expert physician care, lipid counseling, and diagnostic testing on site. Two blocks away, the UNC Wellness Center offers diet and exercise counseling, including certified cardiac rehabilitation and nutrition consultation.

Women may be referred to the UNC Women’s Heart Program through a healthcare provider; or through self-referral if they're concerned about heart disease risks, or wish to learn more about improving their cardiovascular prognosis.

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Call the Heart & Vascular Center referral line at 866-862-4327 to find specialists, make an appointment or learn more about preventing heart disease.

Open Access is a new physician referral service, created by the UNC Center for Heart & Vascular Care, which coordinates all admissions and transfers through a single phone call and guarantees immediate acceptance for patients. Please contact us to learn more or call 866-862-4327.

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