Lipid Management

High LDL cholesterol, high triglycerides,and low HDL cholesterol are all risk factors for heart disease. For patients with genetically high cholesterol, or for those with moderate cholesterol who can’t tolerate cholesterol medications, lipid management presents a particular challenge.

The Lipid Prevention Clinic at UNC specializes in creating cholesterol-management programs tailored to each patient’s particular health concerns. The Clinic collaborates with other cardiovascular clinics at UNC to ensure the optimal treatment program for heart concerns, and offers unique skills in treating lipids in conjunction with diabetes.

UNC is one of the few places in the country to offer plasmapheresis for cholesterol control. This highly effective blood-washing technique can dramatically lower cholesterol to almost normal levels in just a few three-hour sessions.

In addition, the Clinic’s director, Dr. Ross Simpson, works closely with Philip Mendys, a doctor of pharmacy at UNC, to make diet, exercise, and medication recommendations for lipid management. Patients are given a detailed estimate of their risk, and based on that risk, given easy-to-understand recommendations on how aggressive they need to be in attacking it. While most patients are well-treated with medications, this unique type of consultation can be very valuable for patients with special challenges.

Because of its unique capabilities and its success in managing hard-to-treat cases, the Lipid Prevention Clinic at UNC offers training programs for physicians, nurses, and pharmacists across the Southeast in managing lipids, and in setting up similar clinics.


Ross Simpson, MD

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