Lariat® Procedure for A-Fib

For Afib patients who are unable to tolerate blood thinners, the UNC Center for Heart and Vascular Care is the first in North Carolina, and one of a select number of medical centers worldwide, to treat Afib patients with the new Lariat® procedure, an innovative, minimally-invasive alternative to prevent stroke.

The Lariat® procedure closes the LAA, a small sac located high in the left atrium of the heart into which blood can accumulate and clot. In patients with Afib, 90% of all clots arise from here. A successful Lariat® procedure essentially removes the primary source of atrial fibrillation-related stroke.

During the Lariat® procedure, two special wires are used. The first one is inserted under the patient's rib cage and positions the FDA-approved Lariat® Suture Delivery Device within the sac (pericardium) around the outside of the heart. A second catheter is placed via one of the groins into the heart and helps guide the first catheter toward the appendage. Once in place, the Lariat device permits deployment of a loop stitch around the base of the LAA, ligating it off permanently and blocking stroke-causing blood clots from reaching the brain. Both wires are removed at the end of the procedure. No foreign material is permanently placed within the heart itself or the blood stream. Patients may need to still take blood thinners for short period of time immediately after the procedure while the LAA heals. Long term, the Lariat procedure offers an excellent alternative for patients who cannot tolerate blood thinners.

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