Echocardiography uses sound waves bounced off the heart (ultrasound) to help physicians get a detailed image of the beating heart. In patients with known or suspected heart disease, echocardiography can pinpoint structural defects in the heart, or abnormalities in the way blood is flowing through it.

UNC has cardiac ultrasound laboratories at the main hospital, and at the Heart Center at Meadowmont in Chapel Hill for the convenience of our patients. Because each patient is unique and different tests each have their own advantages, both labs have a full array of anatomic and hemodynamic (blood flow) imaging techniques to provide a complete picture of each patient’s cardiovascular status.

Once examinations and testing are complete, an experienced team of cardiology specialists collaborate on interpreting individual patient tests and examinations to provide the proper diagnosis and design the most effective treatment program.

In addition to standard resting studies, UNC cardiac labs provide a full complement of dobutamine and exercise stress echocardiography, along with contrast and transesophageal imaging.

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Carla Sueta, MD
Alan Hinderliter, MD
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Park W. Willis, IV, MD

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