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Quality Performance Reports

At UNC Medical Center, our focus is on providing the highest quality care to you. Just as important is making sure you feel informed about your treatment and satisfied with your experience.

We follow national guidelines and provide quality of patient care information in the following four areas: Heart Attack (also called Acute Myocardial Infarction, or AMI), Heart Failure (HF), Pneumonia (PN), and Surgical Care (also referred to as the Surgical Care Improvement Program, or SCIP). We track every patient that comes in to ensure each patient receives the best possible care.

In each of these areas, we follow the CMS recommended checklist for each condition. This is a “to-do list” for health care providers. Following the list helps UNC Medical Center providers deliver the best possible care to you when you have been diagnosed or are suspected of having a heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia, or if you are undergoing a surgical procedure here at UNC.

The graphs below shows how well we are able to complete the specific checklist for every patient we see in these four areas, compared to other hospitals in the state and nation. At UNC Health Care we are committed to providing the right treatment in the safest possible environment for every one of you.