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Information About the New IRS Form 1095-C and 1095-B

In the coming months, you may receive one or two new Federal income tax forms — Form 1095-C and Form 1095-B. Click here to learn more about these new forms.

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New TSERS retirement planning videos

The Department of State Treasurer Retirement Systems Division conducts retirement conferences for members of the Teachers’ and State Employees’ Retirement System and the Local Governmental Employees’ Retirement System. Due to work schedules, and/or other commitments sometimes employees are unable to attend a conference, or maybe they did attend a conference and want to hear the information again, the videos below mirror the information presented at these retirement conferences.

Should you have further questions after reviewing a video, refer to the TSERS Employee handbook, which contains detailed information about all subjects mentioned.

Retirement Eligibility and Calculations

  • Plan Type
  • Service Retirement Eligibility
  • Early Retirement Eligibility
  • Defined Formula
  • Applying the Formula
Presenter: Gerald Leapheart II​

Health Benefits and Insurance

  • Health Benefits
  • Paid Health Benefits Eligibility
  • Voluntary Dental, Vision and Life Insurance
Presenter: Linda Auwn

Creditable Service and Unused Leave

  • Creditable Service
  • Service Purchase
  • Unused Leave at Retirement
  • Earned Sick Leave
Presenter: Josephine Kmetz

NC 401(k)/NC 457 Transfer Benefit

  • NC401(k)/NC 457 Transfer Benefit
Presenter: Larry Halisky

Retirement Payment Plans and Options

  • Defined Formula
  • Estimate of Retirement Benefits
  • Option 4 Payment Plan
  • Payment Plan Option Changes
  • Retirement Benefit Payment Plans
Presenter: Doug Mayer

Federal and State Income Tax

  • Federal Income Tax
  • North Carolina Income Tax
  • Tax Documentation
Presenter: Samirah McLaurin

Active and Retiree Death Benefits

  • Active Employee Death Benefits
  • Retiree Death Benefits
  • Optional Contributory Death Benefit
Presenter: Larry Halisky

Reemployment and Earnable Allowance

  • Reemployment
  • Penalty for Exceeding Earnable Allowance
Presenter: Gwen Richardson

Retirement Process and Online Portal

  • Initiating Retirement
  • Retirement Process Reminders
Presenter: LaJune Harrison

Please note: As UNC Health Care has expanded across North Carolina, the need for a term to refer to the Chapel Hill assets on the overall system website became apparent. The UNC Medical Center logo and references, is a term that will be used to refer to State employees that work in the following UNC Health Care facilities: UNC Hospitals and its clinics; UNC Faculty Physicians’ clinics; and the Hillsborough Campus. Please note that on all Human Resources webpages, forms, and documents you will still see “UNC Health Care” term that is referencing the three above mentioned facilities.