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  • Culture: Bacterial Culture Collection Methods

Bacterial Culture Collection Methods

Specimen Type Acceptable Specimen Types Additional Information Transport Comments
Aerobic Culture Surface Swabs,
Intra-vascular Catheter Tips, Gastric Aspirates,
Irrigation/Wash Fluids, Female/Male Genital Tract, Placental Swabs,
Throat Culture,
Swabs are to be delivered in Transport Swabs (Lawson# 050441 - standard or Lawson# 050440 - mini-tip). For the Pediatric Screening Clinic only, throat cultures should be collected on a Transport Double Swab (Lawson# 050439)

Fluid specimens may be delivered in Luer-lock capped syringe WITHOUT NEEDLE or in other suitable specimen container.

Luer caps available from CD (Lawson# 000519)

mini tip swab
Double Swab

capped syringe - NO NEEDLE

Anaerobic Culture Internal body fluids,
Tissue Biopsies,
Surgical Swabs of Internal Organs and Other Internal Sites.
Fluid Specimens are to be delivered in a Luer-lock capped syringe WITHOUT NEEDLE

Surgical Swabs are to be delivered in Transport Swabs (Lawson# 050442)

capped syringe - NO NEEDLE - anaerobic

anaerobic swab

Ascitic Fluid
Send specimen in Luer-lock capped syringe WITHOUT NEEDLE to lab for processing.
Deliver Immediately.
Preferred volume >10mL
Bartlett Bronchial Brush Special Transport Medium available in Bronchoscopy Suite
Blood Culture Order via floor-order entry system. Collection by Phlebotomy Services (6-2446)
Bronchial Alveolar Lavage Deliver in Luer-lock capped syringe WITHOUT NEEDLE or in other suitable sterile container
Fluids 1-2 ml in a sterile container
NP Aspirate Place the #5 french feeding catheter containing the specimen into a sterile container. Bring to the lab immediately
Sputum See Sputum Culture Collection Methods
Tissues Place in sterile container without medium. Bring to lab immediately. Do not allow to dry out.

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